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This is the day!

Thank God it's come! We're moving office over the weekend, which means that today will be my last ever day in Nieuwegein. Bye bye 2 hour commute; from Monday morning onwards I'll no longer have to leave the house at the crack of dawn. We're being moved to Crédit Agricole's headquarters in The Netherlands in Amsterdam, which is only an hour away from my door.

This morning just as I was getting ready to leave, Manasse squatted down on my pillows and proceeded to do a No. 1 - I shouted at him but then noticed that he'd been peeing blood. Poor thing! Because I'd been late coming home this last week, because of daily delays on the train service, I hadn't been able to pick up his diet food from the vet's before they closed. Since he had to eat, I'd given him ordinary cat food, hoping it wouldn't do him any it seems it has. What am I going to do with him over the weekend, though?

ETA: Sorted. The movers came and shut us down at 10am, taking our desks, chairs and computers away from us. My manager wasn't happy about it, but apparently it had been higher management's intention all along and they'd just failed to communicate that to her, so in the end all she could do was send us home by 10:30...which meant I had ample time to drop in at the vet's surgery and pick up the necessary supplies.
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