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Wish it were otherwise

All through last week, the care home kept leaving messages for me to get back to them urgently, but we kept missing each other until this afternoon. The news is not good: they want to meet with me to discuss how soon I can move Dad into another facility, as he's become a danger to himself and others now that he frequently forgets he has lit a cigarette, or leaves the taps running, or flushes his nappies down the loo causing the bathroom to flood. So it looks like it's going to be the nursing home for Dad soon, and I know he's not going to go quietly; but that's not the worst of it -- it's that I'm pretty convinced that he'll deteriorate in even more rapid stages once what little semblance of independence and privacy has been taken away from him, and knowing that I had a hand in it as much as his care givers...Poor Daddy! He'll probably tell me I might as well shoot him, and I'm not sure that might not be the kinder thing to do.
Tags: dad, family matters

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