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I woke up feeling like I wanted some new clobber, so I headed into town...but apart from a pair of high-waisted trousers that unfortunately didn't come in my size, I couldn't find anything remotely purchase-worthy. So I went back to that favourite pastime of mine, and hit the shoe shops. And lo and behold! I struck it lucky in the third shop:

Originally priced at 225 euros, I got these suede and rabbit fur ankle boots for 25. According to the sales assistant, they'd had to slash the price by that much not because the credit crunch had made people more reluctant to part with their cash, but because no one had ever managed to get their feet into them...until I came along, that is. They are quite tricky to put on, but I'm sure that with time and practice, I'll soon have no trouble slipping into them...and now I'm hoping for a cold spell so I can show them off.
Tags: footwear

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