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Of praise and plans

In a meeting at work this morning, I got singled out for special praise by management. It came as a complete, but very welcome surprise. Of course, I knew they were happy with my contribution to the team in the last 6 months, or they wouldn't have offered to extend my contract a couple of weeks back (I signed on the dotted line yesterday), but I never expected to be put up on a pedestal in front of all my co-workers at 10am on an ordinary Thursday morning. It was nice, though.

I've been receiving a lot of compliments lately, mostly from black men and women and all about my bum. I don't know what's up with that, but I do find it rather amusing.

Recently, a friend of mine has moved from London to Kilchberg, just outside Zurich; so I'm sure you can guess my next holiday destination? That's right, I'm off to Switzerland in two weeks time. Earlier this week, I realised that with my holidays coming up, I'd neglected to book anywhere and I didn't know what I could do to remedy that situation. Until, that is, I hit on the idea of inviting myself over there, and she's just e-mailed me back to say she'd love for me to come and stay for a bit. I'm quite looking forward to going; I've never been to Switzerland before...although that's not entirely true; I spent a day in Lausanne some 25 years ago -- quite a traumatic time for me, as I recall...My then boyfriend and I had gone on a 6-week camping holiday in France, and one day when we had pitched our tents (literally, we had two small ones that we set up to form one big(ger) one) in Evian-les-Bains, we decided to drive across the border in our old, battered, apple-green 2-chevaux that had just the day before developed a worrying rattle in the exhaust; a deafening noise that got amplified by the mountains around us. We were nearing the end of our holiday, which meant that my hair looked a fright and my clothes were all crumpled. Anyway, we got to Switzerland and Lausanne, and the streets were so clean! and the houses in such good repair (as opposed to France where everything's ramshackle)! and the people all looked so immaculately groomed! I got an instant inferiority complex and begged my boyfriend to take me back over the border to where the paint was peeling from the houses and the people looked as grubby as he and I, and after a few hours, he complied.

So now I'm going back there -- well, Zurich. I'm hoping it's got a different vibe, but I'll pack my neatest clothes and niftiest toiletries just in case.
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