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I've got a butt the size of Rhode Island!

Small, but everyone says it's lots of fun
Your butt is Rhode Island: tiny, but everyone who's
been says it's a great place to go

What state does your butt resmble?
brought to you by Quizilla

Anyhoo -- I should be testing the new database design for bugs right now, but I don't feel like it. The sun's streaming in through my office window and I just want to spend the rest of the afternoon basking in it, and maybe read a new fic or two. After beta-ing bogwitch's new story Hell For Leather in my lunchbreak (which really only meant, catching her in 2 typos), I honestly cannot get back to work anymore.
Got the 'What State Does Your Butt Resemble'-quiz from bogwitch, too, btw.

Oh well, only 3 more hours to go, and then I'll be off for a whole week of rest and relaxation. But for now, I really ought to make an effort on that database thing...
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