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Will we have a white Christmas this year?

Woke up this morning and the world was white...and to my surprise, it's still white this evening. Of course, it means all public transport has ground to a halt. It never ceases to amaze me how badly equipped we Dutch are at dealing with adverse weather conditions. Honestly, one snowflake is enough to plunge our roads and railways into chaos.

Getting home yesterday was murder. I don't think it was the weather although it was bitterly cold so it might have been, but there were delays and cancellations and getting from Schiphol to The Hague took me as much time as it took me to travel from England to The Netherlands in the first place. This didn't help improve my mood. I was fuming. Despite my having arrived at Luton airport the recommended 2 hours before my flight's scheduled departure time, the plane almost left without me. All because of the incompetence of easyJet's ground staff who, even with 10 check-in desks open, still couldn't process the crowds quickly enough (here's a thought: why don't they install the kind of do it yourself check-in machines you see at other airports? Or dedicate seperate desks to travellers without any luggage?) and as for the security you know they no longer provide passengers with clear plastic bags they insist you drop your liquids in? Nooooooooo - they sell them to you now, at the inflated price of £1! And, they confiscate any container with a content over 100 ml. So they took my newly purchased conditioning solution for my contacts, and then oh so helpfully suggested I purchase another exactly the same from the Boots in the departure lounge! Now how does that help combat terrorism? Unfortunately, by then I was so pissed off I may have muttered something under my breath, and got detained by a few jumped-up little toads spluttering with indignation at my lack of respect for them and their stupid rules, as they set themselves the task of examining every item in my hold-all. They didn't like the look of my housekeys, but they couldn't very well impound them, so they fixed on the converter I'd brought because continental plugs won't plug into UK power points without one. It has, of necessity, 3 metal prongs and I suppose you could, at a pinch, make it connect painfully with someone's (preferably an airport security guard's) face...but in the end they let me have that back, too. Luckily, they never discovered my metal nail file in its secret compartment...I'm sure I'd have been in real trouble if they had! They were wheeling the stairs away from the plane when they finally allowed me to proceed to the gate, and I was the last passenger boarding.

I came home to a cold flat, to find that the batteries on the remote had gone flat. I'll have to remember to get some new ones this weekend.
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