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New beginnings

When did I become bored with snow? I looked outside this morning, saw a fresh batch had fallen, and thought "Oh blast, more cold white stuff". It would seem that with the turning of the decade, I've turned into an old lady.

The Doctor Who-finale, and David Tennant's last appearance as the saviour of mankind and the universe, left me decidedly unimpressed last night. Why couldn't they have let him go out with a bang? After 4.5 years in the role, it seems the least they could have done. What was the point of bringing Donna back if all they would allow her to do was swoon in the street? Just so they could make her say "Did I miss something...again?" at the end? The DoctorDonna deserved better. And where did The Master go? And I don't even want to begin to think about the improbability of a planetary near collision without any accompanying disasters. Gallifrey appears in the sky, and it doesn't even block out the sun or the moon? Fi, scriptwriters!

I think I'll miss Ten. Though I never felt as moved by him as I was by Nine, I did come to like him quite a bit, and I wonder whether Eleven will manage to stand in his shade.

Though I don't usually do New Year's resolutions, I think I'll make an exception this year. I need to get back on line, and fast. I've been pottering about trying to restore my Internet access and getting nowhere for long enough now, it's time to call in the cavalry (by which I mean I'll pay for someone to come in and sort it out for me).
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