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Gung Hai Fat Choi!

So, here we are, in the Year of the Golden Tiger. And as I happen to be a Tiger, a Fire Tiger, I thought I'd check online what's in store for me. A bit of everything, it seems: I'll meet someone and move in with them before the year is out/I'll not meet someone and stay where I am; I'll be financially secure all year/I'll be poor as a church rat if I'm not careful; I'll get promoted at work/I'll just muddle along same as always; my health will be good/it will be so-so. All depending on whether I'm a weak or a strong Fire Tiger, and although I've no clear idea which is me, this new year's started off pretty well with a bear hug received from anonypooh.

Still having a few problems with my computers. For instance, whenever I open my laptop it wants me to burn a recovery cd, and tells me I need 4 disks to do it. It spends 2 hours writing to the first disk I feed it, then spits out all the others saying they're not writable. Since this has happened to two newly-bought boxes of cd-s, I'm starting to think it might just be messing with me.

Another problem I've yet to solve is that although it will allow me to receive mail, it won't let me send it, saying it needs authentication from the SMTP-server...I'm really starting to regret having bought the damn thing.
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