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Gadget Girl I'm not

In the six or so weeks since I've bought my laptop, I've used it exactly twice. I find it too much of a hassle to take it out of its storing cupboard and set it up when there's a perfectly serviceable desktop all ready to go in the next room. Granted, it may not have all the shiny new features the laptop offers, but I'm used to how it works and I'm perfectly happy with that -- so why did I blow 650 euros on something that on second thoughts I have to admit I have absolutely no need for? To think I could have bought four or five or even more pairs of shoes for that kind of money in the sales!

I thought having a laptop would be so liberating; I thought I could take it anywhere, anytime, and be connected...I didn't realise it needs charging before you can take it out to the park and bang away at the keys for two, maybe three hours; or that it needs something called a dongle before you can take it to the park in the first place. And I've found out that carrying it around from one place to another, or from room to room even, is an encumbrance more than anything else. And so it sits in the cupboard while I type this up at my old desktop pc...

And now my mp3-player (that's actually an mp4-player but I use it for music files exclusively) has given up the ghost again. Actually, it did so very shortly after I lost my Internet connection, so about six months ago; but I thought all it needed was perhaps a firmware upgrade and it'd be right as rain again. How wrong I was! First off, there is no firmware upgrade for it, and secondly, it won't even reinstall its current version. It seems the hard disk has failed. This makes it my third Creative Zen to have lasted just over a year from date of purchase; which frankly isn't good enough.

So now I'm tempted to go and buy an iPod to replace it, because everyone I've talked to said theirs has lasted a minimum of three years and is, in most cases, still working. The other reason being that I can't seem to find another 60GB or higher mp3-player by Creative in any of the shops, but they do carry iPods of up to 160GB for about the same price. However, I'm hesitant as I don't know that the iPod and I will click: I've been warned that down- or uploading files from iTunes will slow down my Windows system even more...and do you still need to convert your iTunes-files to mp3 before you can swap them out? Or, even worse, do I need to convert my current collection of 10,000+ mp3-files to the iPod-format before I can import them? 'Cause that sounds like a lot of work to me, and I'm not sure I want to take that on.
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