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...but Financial Advice Girl, I am!

Yay! For spring seems to have finally sprung today. And, I passed my exam first thing this morning, which means I'm now fully certified (and the Dutch equivalent of the FSA approved) to carry out my job...not bad for someone who's dyscalculic and whose teachers back in secondary school were certain would never amount to much.

Even though I've not been in the office for a week, and have been a very good girl and have rested my arm as much as possible, my elbow still hurts like a mother; the anti-inflammatories seem to have done nothing for it; though they have done wonders for my sciatica. I've not been aware of any back pain for the last five days or so, which -even though it wasn't my first objective- is something I'm very happy about.
Tags: health, injury, work

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