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Normal service has been resumed

Some of you, I'm sure, must have been wondering whether I'd added to my shoe collection in the time I've been away from the computer. The answer to that question is yes...though by chance (i.e. the dreadfully cold and snowy winter we've just had) the focus has been very much on quality rather than quantity.

As I've just spent the entire afternoon fiddling with my laptop and my phone, I'm proud to present to you my three most recent purchases, though please forgive the grainy, washed-out quality of the pictures; I seem to have mislaid my photo editing s/w.

one can never go wrong with a classic design type boot such as this

these fun Chie Mihara slingbacks I got in the sales, so strictly speaking they belong to last summer's collection...

and these red little numbers by Paco Gil caught my fancy only two days ago when I went into town with the express purpose of finding me some shoes for spring
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