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New week, new month, new horizons, new directions

I'm alright, actually.

I had an appointment with the company psychologist this morning, my one and only as he won't be allowed to offer me any more counselling since I'm no longer an employee. There wasn't a lot he could do except listen to my story and commiserate with me; but he gave me a few ideas as to what I should be doing next (i.e. DO NOT let my job take precedence over everything else in my life, but get a hobby or do a bit of voluntary work, to off-set my workaholic tendencies), and he listed a few companies that he knew to be hiring and that he thought I should try, and then he gave me his card and told me to e-mail him if I ever needed help/advice. He also told me to ask HR for my file.

So I did. And the girl I was speaking to flatly refused. So I got a bit stroppy with her and told her to have the HR Manager call me back. Then I went and had lunch with a friend and afterwards, helped them pick out a new bedroom (bed and wardrobes). While we were out, my friend called me over to look at the notices in a temp agency's window, just to see if there was anything there. There was: my job. I kid you not; it was my job I saw advertised in the window of a temp agency in Amsterdam-Arena. I almost died laughing.

The manager got in touch with me just as I was getting on the train. She said it was an unusual request, but she had no problem with sending me (a copy of) my file. We discussed a few more things to do with my farewell, e.g. the holidays accrued that will need to be paid out, what form the severance pay will take and when I'll be able to expect it, the reference they will give me; and she asked if I was okay and seemed genuinely interested, so I told her I was fine, just sorry things had gone the way they had, and she said so was she. Thinking to strike while the iron was hot, I asked her if she knew of any contacts at other firms that were hiring, and she promised to compile me a list and mark those contacts that she knew personally, so I could namedrop if I got in touch with any of them. So, that's the CEO, the COO, the Business Controller and the head of the HR department all willing to be my personal references. Not bad for a girl who didn't think she had any friends or networking skills when her contract was terminated a week ago...
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