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'Tis unnatural 's what it is

Honestly, how can it be May when I'm sat here in my winter jumper and having the heating on?

I just came in from the cold (and yes, it fricking well IS cold -- not to mention grey and dreary) after scouting out the bank office where I'll be having my interview on Monday. It couldn't be more conveniently located: right next to the train station and directly opposite a bus- and tram terminal, with busses and trams that will take me quite near to where I live, though that'd take me more than twice as long than if I go by train, which takes a mere 10 minutes). That's the question of the commute sorted, then. Still got loads of other questions in my mind, though -- none of which concern Monday's interview.

Though I try not to think about it too much, my mind keeps going back to my recent dismissal and the injustice of it. And I'm not sure I'll be able to shake off the bitterness and disappointment I'm feeling before going into the meeting with what I suspect will be the hiring manager and HR representative with this potential new employer.

Also, late last night I got a phone call from my previous manager, now Business Controller at CAD, who had obviously returned from her holiday earlier than I'd expected and had already been informed by a busybody colleague of my having been sacked. She was most concerned and supportive and urged me to seek legal counsel, as she believed I might still have a case and have been fobbed off with a pittance. She's given me lots of food for thought but in doing so has robbed me of my focus which I need in order to secure me this next job. And I've still got so much revision to do! This is the thing I hate most about applying for jobs and preparing for interviews: having to read up on everything the company is about, from its history to its mission statements to its internal organisation and its recent figures, and a lot else besides that they may or may not ask you about. If you get the job, the information will prove to have been mostly irrelevant; if you don't get it, completely redundant. And yet you're expected to waste hours on this stuff.
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