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2nd time around

Though I'm carefully trying not to count my chickens, I think my second interview at the bank this morning went well enough. Erik still seems convinced I'm the right person for the position, though I find it harder to gage what Natasja, who turned out to be yet another teamleader because the one I would be reporting to if I got the job had called in sick, may have thought. She conducted a much more formal interview than the one I had had yesterday, focussing on the responsibilities of the job and trying to find out how I would react in certain situations -- all perfectly understandable, of course, but a marked difference to yesterday's meeting. However, I didn't falter or fall down at any hurdle, but as to whether I managed to convince her...I don't know. Erik was present at the meeting and actively helped me make a good impression, but still...All I can do now is wait till Friday and that all-important phone call.


May. 11th, 2010 01:20 pm (UTC)
Re: Sounds hopeful
Yes, you really should one day! I'd love to read what you're (and D. and C. are) up to.

I was alright until a few moments ago when I suddenly realised I'd given the wrong answer to one particular question, now I can't stop worrying I may have scuppered my chances...though one mistake? Surely not! Oh, I wish it were Friday already!