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Alack and alas..with a bit of yay! thrown in

When the phone didn't ring in the morning, I knew I hadn't gotten the job. Erik (the regional bank manager I'd met earlier in the week) left it till after 4pm to break the news to me, though it wasn't altogether bad: I may not have gotten this job because of my having been deemed over-qualified, but he still believed I'd be an asset to the bank and he'd already put my name and cv, together with a personal recommendation, forward to the central organisation for a much meatier position that will become available in June/July. He then proceeded to fill me in on the particulars of the project on virtual channel banking, that this new job will be with, and offered me a job selling insurance to tide me over until the call from head office comes through. I said I'd think about the latter, but was definitely interested in the first, and we rang off on the most amicable of terms.

I was on my way to the Business Controller's house when I got the news. She'd invited a few of my old colleagues and the CEO round for a 6-course Polish feast with lots of booze as a thankyou and a farewell to me, and I must admit I had a splendid time even though I couldn't help feeling a bit sorry for C. who got an earful of complaints from a few of the assembled company with regards to The Biatch and his perceived support of her perceived wrong decisions, my sacking being just a case in point. He handled the onslaught well, but it made me feel slightly uncomfortable, as I believe it's better to persuade rather than force people to accept your points of view. Which meant that at one point, I actually ended up arguing for my own removal from the payroll! Anyway, by the time he left, he didn't seem to hold any of it against me, and with another earnest appeal for me to keep in touch, my second bank manager in a day took his leave of me.
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