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General Election

Well, I've gone and done my civic duty and cast my vote in the General Election. As I hadn't decided yet which party to vote for, I did an online vote match this morning, only to find that the party whose programme seemed most closely aligned to my own ideas wasn't actually on the list...which means they probably failed the so-called 'kiesdrempel' (voting threshold, a fixed number of signatures any party is required to obtain before being allowed to participate). And so I defaulted to the name that was within easiest reach of the furthest the red-pencil-on-a-string would stretch to without me having to shift the ballot paper around, which I didn't want to do in case I gave an inkling of what I might have voted to people waiting in line behind me, because there was no curtain to the booth! I'm definitely going to put in a complaint about that, as I didn't feel my privacy was being protected.

Now we'll just have to wait several hours for the results, and several months before a new coalition government will be ready to begin work after the summer recess. If only our lot could take a leaf out of the UK 'How To Form A Coalition Government In Less Than A Week'-book!

And YAY! it looks like we're going to have another Where I Live Day! I can't believe the last time has been over 2 years ago. Check out wild_photos for the details.
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