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Netherlands-Slovakia: 2-1

So far, my tactic of pretending to support the other team by rubbishing Oranje and occasionally shouting "Come on, Denmark/Japan/Cameroon/Slovakia" at the screen seems to have been quite effective in tricking the gods of football into letting the side I really want to win through to the next stage.

This afternoon's match was their first in the tournament that I actually enjoyed watching; maybe not for the full 93 minutes but there were more good bits than bad. With Arjen Robben back in his usual position on the left wing, it seemed like the boys were back in town but sloppy defending almost caught them out a few times. Next up, they'll face either Brazil or Chile...and if they can't do better in the back, it'll be their last match on the world cup stage for another four years.

And I include our goalie in that category of players that must do better: to concede a penalty and get himself booked in the 92nd minute seems to me to be beyond stupid -he had done pretty well up to that point-; although it must be said that the reffing throughout this 2010 World Cup Championship has been atrocious and quite the worst I've ever seen. Why FIFA still won't allow technology to assist referees in their decisions is beyond me.

ETA: Well, it is going to be Brazil up next, and I don't think my ploy is going to work there. I fear Holland will be out of the Cup on Friday.
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