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Looking forward...

Only ten more days to go until my holiday - oh! I can't wait!

Not that we're going to be doing anything special...or go to faraway exotic places with lots of sea and sunshine (more's the pity). And it's not as if we'll be gone for long, either, just 3 or 4 days in total, so it's more like a break than a proper holiday, but still...

It's going to be brilliant. Just me, my friend Peronne and the MG Spider, on a trip through the Benelux/France/Germany - we haven't really decided on the itinerary yet, but it doesn't matter. All we need is our hold-alls and the open road -OK, and maybe a couple of credit cards- and we'll be alright. And even though I don't plan on killing and robbing anyone on the way, or driving into a ravine while holding hands, I can almost imagine it to be a bit Thelma and Louise-y.
Tags: peronne, travel

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