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Hopefully this won't be my last post about the World Cup 2010

12 hours before kick-off. 13 1/2 hours before we'll know whether Uruguay or Oranje will meet the victor of tomorrow's match between Spain and Germany in the final on the 11th.

Van Marwijk has declared all players in the selection fit, but won't announce who he'll field until an hour or so before the match. Van der Wiel and De Jong won't be deployed though, as they've each got one yellow card too many. Boulahrouz and De Zeeuw will probably be replacing them; the former a solid defender and the latter a competent midfielder, but neither particularly quick or creative. Van Persie still hasn't shown why Van Marwijk should have selected him over Van Nistelrooij, but then, the midfield hasn't been passing the ball to him all that much in any of the previous matches. And there have been too many mistakes made by the defenders in the back. Remember Robinho's goal? It was Robben, our right winger/forward who fell back to the 16 yard line in his wake!

Sneijder's done very well so far, but I'm sure he'll be marked, as will Robben and Van Persie; and then who else do we have? Elia? Huntelaar? I think that as in previous matches, our side will have to rely on Stekelenburg, who's only conceded 3 goals in the tournament: 2 from penalties. Those are very good statistics and I'm no longer bewailing Van der Sar's retirement.

My current favourite on the Dutch side though, is left winger Dirk Kuijt. He may not be pretty to look at, but my word! how he grafts! Up and down that line for 90 minutes straight in each and every match, he's the team's workhorse, and his passes are deadly accurate. And unlike Van Persie and Sneijder, he doesn't have an ego.

On the Uruguayan side, neither Suárez nor Lugano will play; but Forlán will still be there and he's proved himself more than capable of scoring from 30 yards away. Very good at corners and free kicks; and if it should go to the penalty stage, I don't think he'd miss. Abreu will probably start as well, he seemed quite relaxed about taking that last penalty against Ghana. So even if the pundits in the media continue to bleat how Holland is their hands down favourite, I'm trying very hard to keep my expectations low, so as not to be too disappointed when the underdog surprises everyone.
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