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I'm not sure how I did in the interview this morning; or rather, I think I may have done too well. I mean, I owned that interview, and the interviewers, and generally showed myself capable of running the entire department rather than just work in it. Anyway, they said they'd let me know by the end of next week. I'd be very surprised if they come back with an offer.

Which, if I'm honest, would suit me very well. Because as I told a friend of mine over lunch, if they do, I might be tempted to take it for all the wrong reasons, to wit:

- it's close to where I live (within walking distance, in fact);
- even though the salary isn't great, they offer pretty good secondary terms;
- sheer panic: if I turn it down, will I ever get another offer, or will I join the ranks of the long-term out-of-work?

Wait and see? Or call them up and tell them no thanks? I can't decide.
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