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De Nieuwe Veenmolen, Bezuidenhout, Den Haag

I went for my last checkup with the ESWT-therapist this morning, and the ultrasound proved what I'd already suspected: there's not a trace of inflammation left in my tendon. My tennis elbow took less than three months to heal using this method, and I couldn't be more pleased, or impressed. Pity the insurance won't cover it, but if ever I have a recurrence of the problem, I'll insist on the same treatment again.

Coming back from my appointment, I decided for once to take the longer route home, adding maybe 10 minutes to my walk, and the reason is this: the old windmill that keeps us from getting our feet wet. As you can see from the detail shot, it's been controlling the water levels in the neighbourhood since the mid-1600s. And judging by its name, 'The New Fenlands Mill', there must have been an older one doing the same thing before that.

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