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The threat of rain held off, so my friend and I took advantage of the dry spell this evening to sit out on the terrace of the wine bar round the corner and exchange gossip and imbibe. Glad I brought my coat though, 'cause it got real nippy after 9pm.

I spent the morning at the Job Centre taking part in a mandatory workshop, to learn about how best to position yourself in the current job market, but didn't take away anything I hadn't heard or practised before. Still, I found it quite a relief to find I'm not the only one finding it hard to get interviews, AND that the majority of the other 9 job seekers in the room had also previously been working in the financial services industry. Which is strange really, now that I think about it, because I'm actually in direct competition with these people on the job market...but there's definitely a truth to the old saying that a sorrow shared is a sorrow halved as far as I'm concerned.

I went to see The Karate Kid with Mum on Saturday, and although there wasn't as much Jackie Chan action hero! in it as I would have liked (with him having been my absolute favourite wu shu star for over a decade), I did enjoy seeing little Jaden Smith show his moves. Hopefully, he'll carry on with the martial arts, as he's made a really good start with this and us kung fu film fans need a new generation of kung fu masters to take over from the old guard in time. Why the film is called The Karate Kid though, is beyond me.

So sad there's only one more episode of Sherlock to look forward to. Stephen Moffat is a genius; his writing and characterisation, as well as Martin Freeman and Benedict Cumberbatch's acting make it such a pleasure to watch that those 90 minutes seem to pass in the blink of an eye. Definitely will have to get the dvd-set as soon as it hits the shops.

I spent some time on YouTube earlier today to try to find a song that had me spellbound with its beauty and unusualness of arrangement 33 years ago, and I found it! I hadn't heard it since I lost the album in a house move sometime in the early 80s, but listening to it again today I was pleased to find it still sounded as good as to me now as it did then.

Murray Head, Sorry, I Love You (1977)

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