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I ought to have been on my way to my interview with the Belastingdienst by now, but clearly, I am not. Instead, I'm sat here at home, still in my jim-jams, with a cup of coffee looking out the window at the pouring rain.

Desmond, the agency rep, was supposed to have sent me confirmation of the appointment before close of business yesterday. When he spoke to me on the phone around 5pm, he said he was just sending me the details, and wishing me luck. I asked him what address, who should I ask for and what time were they expecting me, so he told me 7:45am (!) but said all further information would be in his e-mail...which when I looked in my inbox less than half an hour later hadn't arrived. There was no answer when I tried to call him back.

Just as well, really. I did my sums last night and the salary they're offering comes in at a whopping 1,000 euros less than my previous job. I know I'm jobless and times are hard, but this is ridiculous. The agency opens in half an hour, and I'll call and tell them thanks, but no thanks.
Tags: job hunting, unemployment

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