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Oh, the humanity!

I didn't think it necessary to join in the wailing and gnashing of teeth over the Facebook and Twitter Connect-issue over on [profile] theljstaff's update page yesterday, as over 7,000 users had already done so by the time I followed the link there. Instead, I was unclear about another announcement in the same post, and asked for clarification. Imagine my surprise this morning, to find my inbox overflowing with abusive messages from fellow LJ-users, none of whom are on my flist thank Heavens, of which this one, in all its passive-aggressiveness, was the kindest:

"That's the problem you have with this post?

Do you have a pet unicorn? Are there double rainbows every day? I think I want to live wherever you are because it's clearly a shinier happier place."

People are strange. They trawl through 8,000+ comments to find one that doesn't mention the thing they're up in arms about, and feel justified in heaping abuse on the author, or holding them up to ridicule? I suppose it's true: you learn something new every day.
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