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It would have been my dad's 81st birthday yesterday, and so I was pleased to see some sunshine this morning, as a visit to the cemetery is dreary enough without me getting drenched on the way. Though to be honest, the one our family uses is really quite a lovely place, even if it hasn't been in use for very long (55 years, only). It's not massively big, but pretty centrally located and very well-maintained, which -weird as it may sound but knowing that one day I will take my own eternal rest there, too- is of utmost importance to me.

The cemetery, where several members of our family (on the maternal side) have been buried:

The Urn Garden, where Dad's ashes have been interred:

As I was pottering about, clearing dead leaves and flowers from Dad's grave, and planting the hibiscus I'd brought him this time, at first I didn't realise my sister and her boyfriend had come up behind me; but I was pleased to see she'd had the same idea of marking Dad's birthday with a visit. Afterwards, we went to a seafront cafetaria and had lunch, where I took this picture of them. Young(ish) love, isn't it cute?

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