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A walk along the beach (picspam! Dial-up unfriendly)

On hearing that after today, the rain that we've already had too much of this summer (the latter part of July and the whole month of August have been unseasonally cool and wet) would return, I resolved to go to the beach and take my camera with me, to etch this last fine day into my memory.

I currently live about 20 minutes (by bike) from the beach. I've lived further away, though in my childhood and teens I lived much closer. These days, I don't often go there, and especially avoid it in high summer when it's full of tourists and daytrippers. Today, as there was quite a blustery headwind, and me being a lazy sort of cyclist, I left my bike in the new multi-storey bike park at the station and took the tram from there. Have you ever seen a multi-storey bike park? It looks just like a multi-storey car park, except inside, there's nothing but bikes!

I arrived at the seafront boulevard around 11am, and it being a Monday and off-season, looked just the way I like it best: empty.

I then decided to follow along the beach a bit further and strike into the dunes at Meijendel, an area of dune I know particularly well from school outings, as it is where most of The Hague's tap water comes from (unlike Rotterdam e.g., that takes its water from the Meuse and has an awful taste, The Hague gets its water from the dune lakes, filtered through the sand, crystal clear and refreshing). The structures you see in the last two photos are German bunkers, built in the Second World War as part of their Atlantik Wall defense system.

Actually, I think this is enough for now. I'll post the rest of my pictures another day, because it's late and I'm a bit too pooped to sort through the rest of them now. Sea air, I've always found, makes sleepy.
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