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A walk in the dunes (more picspam!)

I ought to be out there, looking for work; but I hardly think one day is going to matter. Besides, I've got a mountain of ironing to do later, and if I can ever set myself to it I'll count this day as productive nonetheless.

The dunes are our natural and first defense against the sea, and that's why all along our coast this area, although managed and kept a watchful eye on, is largely left unspoiled. As a child growing up here, the dunes provided everything I could possibly need: food (berries, bramble fruits and rosehips, mostly), drink (a sip from the lakes) and shelter (it's easy to stay dry and hidden in the dense vegetation). My friends and I would spend hours adventuring in the slacks, exploring every nook and cranny in a miles-wide radius in the hours after school; and, even though the majesty of mountain regions takes my breath away, and the vastness of the desert has stolen my heart, the humble dunes of my home are still my favourite landscape in all the world.

climbing up...

I look back towards the town...

towards the sea...

and setting my face to the wind, decide to walk back past the old water tower later

choosing a somewhat circuitous route

until 2 hours later, I finally reach the road that leads to...

the old water tower

and taking another hour to just look at the beauty of my surroundings

burnet rose

common sea-buckthorn
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