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30 Day Movie Meme: Day 10

After 4 months of negotiations, it looks like we willl shortly have a new government: a minority coalition between the Liberal and the Christian-Democrat parties with parliamentary support from the PVV, Geert Wilders's anti-Islam party, which won 24 seats in the last election. It's not a combination I support, but I take comfort from the fact that our coalition governments rarely last their full term of 4 years.

Speaking of Geert Wilders, today was the first day of him being on trial for inciting hatred through his comments that the Qur'an is a 'fascistoidic document as pernicious as Mein Kampf' and ought to be banned in The Netherlands the same as that book is. Which I believe is currently the only book in The Netherlands that has that status. It can't be bought, sold or imported without committing a crime. I'm not sure I agree with this kind of censorship, but dura lex, sed lex, as the saying goes. Personally, I know only one person who has read it and keeps it in her library; a Jewish friend of mine who inherited it from her grandfather, who purchased it in the thirties in a bid to find out what the Nazis wanted. She tells me it's quite interesting, but it sounds quite dull to me so I won't waste my time borrowing it.

Anyway, I was amazed to find out that Geert Wilders's trial was broadcast live on television this morning; and I expect will be for the duration of it, though I don't expect there will be any new revelations as Mr. Wilders has read out a short statement to say that on the advice of his counsellor, he will not be answering any of the judges' or the prosecutor's questions. Thereafter, he did keep schtumm for the 5 more minutes I continued to watch before deciding my time would be better spent cleaning the oven, which I did.

Day 10 of the 30 Day Movie Meme brings you a movie I thought I wouldn't like but ended up loving instead:

I don't know why but when it first came out, I didn't think this film could be any good. But I was wrong. It's a cinematographic dream that tells a good story and is packed full of action and drama, and it's as far from the romantic idea of the noble savage who only lacks Christianity and civilisation brought to them from the West in order to be saved as can be. 'Cause I was sort of worried that with a director like Mel Gibson, that might come into it at some level.

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