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Survived another interview

All radiators in the flat are working perfectly, except for the one in the living room. It just won't heat up. Called Willem (the engineer who did the repairs to the system yesterday) first thing this morning; he said I'd probably have to let some trapped air out, and that the access point is in the kitchen. Now I'll just have to pluck up the courage to locate and tamper with it on my own...or, I could just leave it. It's a small enough flat; as long as the radiators in the kitchen and hall give off heat, eventually the lounge will benefit as well. I think. At least then I won't have to touch scary techy things that might break. Yeah, I'll wait till winter, see how it goes.

I had thought about, but in the end forgot to bring my camera into Leiden with me, which is a shame as it's a lovely old town that many New England tourists visit because of its historical connections to the Pilgrim Fathers; and that I personally have very good memories of as it happens to be where I went to uni. I went there for a preliminary interview with an agency that is hoping to place me with one of their clients (the call centre team leader position I mentioned yesterday). It went well, I think, but I'm still not sure...The hours aren't great, in the sense that they're afternoons and evenings (and occasionally, weekends), but the money is good, even if there's no travel cost reimbursement (I just upped my price and they didn't bat an eyelid). Anyway, the agency are going to propose me to their client and I suppose I'll just wait and see what happens next.

Back to the 30 Day Movie Meme, and it's Day 12 - Best soundtrack/background music in a scene:

OK, so it's kind of a long scene (and the video quality isn't the best): the music doesn't start until some 3 or 4 minutes into it, but it's integral to the action (and the drama) of it. Mozart lies dying, and his arch-enemy Salieri helps him transcribe the requiem he's already composed in his head, out of an ulterior motive to present the work as his own at Mozart's funeral (although Mozart doesn't know this). Earlier Salieri, who in Mozart's music had recognised 'the voice of God' and appalled by its creator's coarseness, had secretly vowed to destroy 'His creature' as an act of revenge against the God who had taken his piety and chastity but had short-changed him on the talent he had asked in return...and so he is taken aback when Mozart, also in this scene, begs Salieri's forgiveness for having misunderstood and wronged him in the course of their professional acquaintance.

Day 13 - Favorite animated movie
Day 14 - Favorite film in black and white
Day 15 - Best musical
Day 16 - Your guilty pleasure movie
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Day 20 - Favorite kiss
Day 21 - Favorite romantic couple
Day 22 - Favorite final scene/line
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Day 24 - Quote you use most often
Day 25 - A movie you plan on watching (old or new)
Day 26 - Freakishly weird movie ending
Day 27 - Best villain
Day 28 - Most overhyped movie
Day 29 - Movie you have watched more than ten times
Day 30 - Saddest death scene
Day 31 - Scene that made you stand up and cheer

Right, I'm off for a bit of pampering. Mum's won some kind of competition at her local pharmacy, and now she and a friend (i.e. me) are going to get a free facial and our eyebrows reshaped...though I'm not going to allow that; I've never so much as plucked one hair of them, and I'm quite happy with their natural, slightly irregular, shape.
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