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Sweet sorrow

I hope I showed no outward signs of the wrench I felt when one of my oldest and dearest friends told me that she and her 12-year old son will be making aliyah in two weeks' time. I can't say it came as a surprise, as B. has been talking about it off and on for as long as I've known her (which is 30 years) and more so ever since her marriage failed 2 years ago, and I can't say I didn't think she would do it; it's just that...I never thought she would go this soon. I thought perhaps she would wait until J. is a little older, like 18 or 25 or 41 or whenever it may be that he's ready to fly the nest.

Poor J! He doesn't want to go. All his friends and most of his family are here, and he doesn't want to be consoled by the thought that he'll soon make new friends and meet other -more distant- family members in Israel.

And poor me! I will miss them terribly when they go; they live only a few streets away from me and I'm so used to dropping round...
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