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A little princess

Yesterday afternoon, the wife of HRH The Prince of Orange (i.e., the Dutch Crown Prince), gave birth to a daughter in the hospital a few blocks away from where I live. As this is their first child, 2nd in line to the throne and therefore -God willing- our future Queen, 101 gunshots were fired from 4 ceremonial cannons in the middle of town.

I didn't hear the shots. It's my nephew Romeo's 2nd birthday today so I was far too busy finding, buying and bringing him a present than to pay any heed to the pounding of guns off in the distance. We didn't see the news. We didn't listen to the radio. We didn't see any people dancing in the streets, as there were when this little girl's daddy was born. No churchbells tolling, no flags was an ordinary, quiet Sunday.

So I first read about it in the morning paper. 6 Pages chock-full of baby news. Apparently, the princess had a natural childbirth. She went into labour around 9 a.m., and was delivered of a daughter at 5:01 p.m. Mother and daughter left hospital at around 10:30 last night.

We don't know what the baby's going to be called yet, but Emma seems to be the nation's favourite choice at the moment. Personally, I think I'd prefer her to be called Amalia, just to be different, but I don't think that's very likely. As long as her name's not going to be Britney, any name'll do, I suppose. Anyway, we should know tomorrow or the day after; by law, any baby born in The Netherlands must be registered within 3 days of birth.

A future Queen...Neat!

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