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Tonight's the night

It's official: the little princess has just been registered at The Hague townhall and been given the names Catharina-Amalia Beatrix Carmen Victoria...Amalia for short. Damn! I wish I'd bet on it now, I would have made a nice little sum ;-).

In other news: db2305 and moi will have our 3rd official AtS viewing night tonight. I'm very excited; I'm not quite sure how many S5 episodes she's got right now, but I wouldn't be surprised if I can catch up to the rest of the world in one fell swoop (I would have said 'we' if only I didn't feel sure she's already had a peek, as who wouldn't, with the DVDs right in front of them?). Finally, some new Spike, even if it is ghost!Spike to start off with! I have missed my Spike since Buffy ended...

And B., I'm wearing 'the boots' as you requested, so please notice them!

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