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It's oh! so quiet

I lost one of my contacts this morning. Unfortunately, I didn't notice the loss until after I had already hoovered, done the laundry, cleaned the kitty litter, and filled the recycling bin with paper and cardboard. Annoyed, I went into town to see the optician. Turned out it had been 4 1/2 years since I'd last lost/replaced one of my contacts, and even longer since I'd had my eyes tested. I was helped by an utterly charming young lady from Schleswig-Holstein -her German accent made her Dutch acquire a much more interesting cadence- who persuaded me to order a full replacement, which hopefully, given the postal strike, will be available for pick-up before the year runs out. I must say, I was quite surprised to learn I'd gone from a -4.25 to a -5.50 in my left eye...honestly, I hadn't noticed that much of a deterioration in my eyesight.

It's been snowing steadily for the last two days -- the world has turned white and with the snow piled ankle-high, it crunches so deliciously underfoot. There's not much traffic about and what there is drives past at a snail's pace...all sound is muffled and I love how quiet it's gone.

Willem came by yesterday to quote me for the work that needs to be done to bring my central heating system into the 21st century. He proposes quite a rigorous overhaul which involves lots of breaking/rebuilding of walls and laying of pipes, and gave me a rough calculation that, even though it represents an expense I really rather wouldn't incur at this moment in time, sounded surprisingly reasonable to me. An hour later, he called to let me know that he'd worked out the final quote and it would come to about 200 euros above the ball park figure he'd given me earlier. I told him to never mind that and when could he come and carry out the work? Not until the new year, he said...which means I'll have to wrap up warmly for a few more weeks.

Of course, in giving him the go-ahead, I'm ignoring all the consumer advice about always asking for quotes from 3 different companies if anything needs doing to your property. But I've known and trusted Willem with my heating for the last 15 years at even if theoretically I could shop around for a heating engineer and find one that could start next week, I think I would still prefer to wait until Willem could fit me in.
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