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The sun is out, glistening bedazzlingly on the 8 inches of snow all around, which means today is a brilliant day in the most literal sense. I can only wish it would be in another sense as well, but alas! my situation's still the same as it was last week: I'm still out of a job, still without adequate heating, still worried sick about the future...

I'm also still without the season's greetings cards that I know are on their way to me, due to the continuing postal strike; the supermarkets in this part of the country are running low on stock and fresh produce because of a strike at the distribution centres which means I'm rather limited in my food choices right now (thankfully, due to my personal taste for broad beans, I always have a ready supply of those to hand); public transport has ground to a halt in most places; and I have no plans for Christmas other than to watch the Doctor Who-special -- but today, I don't care about any of that stuff. The sun is out, the world is sparkly bright, and my spirits have finally been lifted from the funk they've been in since the start of this winter. I hate being miserable -- it saps my energy and my confidence; and God knows I have little enough of those two qualities to begin with, even at the best of times.

Other than this, I have very little to say. I enjoyed watching the finals of both Strictly Come Dancing and The Apprentice this weekend, in which each of my respective favourites won. Though I'll never learn to dance like Kara Tointon, perhaps I have learned something from having observed the candidates and their shenanigans in Lord Sugar's search for a worthy employee over the last 11 weeks: even if you're a whole field of ponies, you can still fall at the last (or penultimate) hurdle. And it is possible to find a job even when prospective employers tell you that you're 'too experienced' and 'too corporate', which is exactly the sort of thing they've been telling me over the last couple of months.
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