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Would you Adam & Eve it?

I've got another interview! Apparently, a company that specialises in the sale and manufacture of radio communications systems for the shipping industry and based in Rotterdam is looking for a Service Coordinator, and after viewing my cv on Monsterboard thought my experience might fit. I'm not sure that it does, but have agreed to a meeting with their HR rep on Thursday afternoon, anyway. Nothing ventured, nothing gained, right?

As I'm going into town anyway to pick up my new contacts, I think I might take advantage of the sales and see if I can't kit myself out with a new interview outfit, as my old ones haven't been particularly lucky for me so far.

And I knew the minute I contacted my GP's surgery about my shoulder, the pain would start to recede. I'll look a right idiot when I show up for my appointment tomorrow.


Dec. 28th, 2010 06:04 pm (UTC)
God, I hate the sales! Where do all these people come from, don't they have jobs to go to? I managed to try on a few things, but then decided I didn't like any of them, so...boring grey suit it will be, Thursday.

Picked up my new contacts, which are great for seeing ahead of me...but I'm just finding out I can't use them to read with. So they'll have to go back :-(