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Good start

Today, I got my first interview of 2011 under my belt, and I think I did well. As usual, I worried beforehand that I hadn't done enough preparation, esp. after I lost an entire day yesterday in completing a rush job for the art foundation (in an effort to secure the backing of a particular sponsor for a film festival we're organising in October, the entire business plan had to be translated into English, and muggins here was the only one who could do it, or so our director claimed), but luckily my interlocutors didn't come up with any weird or trick questions, and I could answer all those they did ask with truth, sincerity and ease. The only slightly sticky point was reached when one of the ladies I was in conversation with asked me what salary I would be expecting, but as she had earlier explained that this was just the first of a projected series of three interviews, I refused to be drawn on this question and instead airily remarked that if and when we came to discussing terms of employment, I was sure we would come to a mutually acceptable agreement.

Anyway, I should hear whether I get called up for a second interview by the end of the week. I hope I do. I think I'd quite like to work for this company: it 'feels' a lot like hp, only smaller.

And thanks go to grapefruitzzz, whose card was delivered while I was out. That was a nice surprise to come back to!
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