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It's like the No. 6 bus...

...none for ages, and then they all come at once!

First off, I have been called up for another interview at PB next Thursday. This time, I will meet with the gentleman who, if they decide to take me on, I will be reporting to directly.

Secondly, no fewer than 3 different recruitment agencies called today explaining how they'd come across my cv on the Internet (which has been there for months!) and thought they might have the job for me. I will be meeting with one of them tomorrow afternoon, and the other two early next week.

As to what I did today: I spent the majority of it in het Gemeentemuseum with my friend K. Neither of us had been there in years, so a visit was long overdue. Although as it turned out one of my favourite collections (that of medieval musical instruments) was no longer on permanent display -a change that had been effected some 20 years ago according to museum staff-, I wasn't disappointed in the current exhibitions...and the glass and ceramics collections were particularly impressive, with a great many stunningly beautiful modern pieces added to what I remembered had already been there in my youth. Those forms, those colours, those textures...Perhaps, if there is such a thing as reincarnation, I could come back as a glassmaker in my next life.
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