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Desert Island Discs

bogwitch and quinara came up with this variation on the Desert Island Discs-theme: 8 albums that you couldn't do without. 8 Albums are still far too few, IMO, but if that's all I'm allowed to take, then today my selection would be (in chronological order of release):

1) David Bowie, Station To Station (1976)

My favourite song from this album is Word on a Wing:

Bowie admits that the song was written out of a coke-addled spiritual despair that he experienced while filming the movie The Man Who Fell To Earth. In 1980 Bowie spoke of the song to NME, claiming "There were days of such psychological terror when making the Roeg film that I nearly started to approach my reborn, born again thing. It was the first time I'd really seriously thought about Christ and God in any depth, and 'Word on a Wing' was a protection. It did come as a complete revolt against elements that I found in the film. The passion in the song was genuine... something I needed to produce from within myself to safeguard myself against some of the situations I felt were happening on the film set."

During the time of recording this song Bowie began to wear a silver crucifix, one which he still wears today. Despite the lyrics claiming that he is 'trying hard to fit among your scheme of things' Bowie seems to be suspicious of having blind faith with regards to religion, exclaiming 'just because I believe don't mean I don't think as well, don't have to question everything in heaven or hell'. This suspicion seems to contradict the sentiment Bowie had while recording Golden Years, where is exclaimed 'I believe all the way'. Bowie later admitted that "there was a point when I very nearly got suckered into that narrow sort of looking... finding the cross as the salvation of mankind around the Roeg period".
- Wikipedia

2) ABC, The Lexicon of Love (1982)

A concept album, all songs tie into each other, making it difficult to choose a favourite. Still, I've gone with 4Ever 2Gether:

3) Depeche Mode, Violator (1990)

Favourite song: Enjoy the Silence

4) Paul Weller, Live Wood (1994)

Live Wood is my favourite live album ever. Partly, because some tracks were recorded in Amsterdam, where I was in the audience. But mostly, because it just showcases Paul Weller at his best.

5) The Charlatans, Melting Pot (1995)

OK, I may be cheating here as strictly speaking this is a compilation or greatest hits album, but it happens to hold all my favourite songs, and most specifically, this variation of their earlier release Opportunity, which I like even better than the original:

6) Kula Shaker, K (1996)

According to the entry for it in Wikipedia, Govinda is the only song sung in Sanskrit ever to storm the charts. Be that as it may, I just think it's fantastic:

7) David Sylvian, Dead Bees on a Cake (1999)

I wish I could take all David Sylvian's music with me, but if I have to choose just one album out of the many I have, today I'd pick this one over the others. It opens strongly with:

8) Four Tet, Rounds (2003)

This is currently on heavy rotation with me. My Angel Rocks Back and Forth is my favourite track off the album:

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