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Monday musings

If I thought writing a good motivational cover letter was hard, now I know that purposefully setting out to write a bad one is harder still. I just sent off my first attempt and am mortified at the thought of the reception it is likely to get, but I had to do it: in order to retain my right to unemployment benefit for the next two months before I start in my new job, I have to keep complying with the condition that I apply for a minimum of two positions a week. Obviously, as I'm not currently free to accept any offers, I'm having to make reasonably sure that I don't receive any. So I've singled out call centre jobs as my best bet for being turned down, and am keeping my fingers crossed they won't want to employ someone who's so clearly over-qualified and over-experienced.

I have been taking advantage of the last days of the January sales to expand on my more serious work clobber collection. Even though the dress code at Apple isn't massively formal, I still thought it best, given that I'll be joining the management team, to stock up on something a bit more representational than jeans and cargo pants: neat yet comfy trousers, skirts with hemlines 2 fingers above the knee, and quite a few swishy cardigans. I'm a great fan of cardies: they're comfortable, they're warm and, provided you choose the right style, they're great at hiding those bits you don't want to draw attention to (in my case, the rack). My only worry now though is, that I seem to have bought a lot of stuff that is grey...but I'm hoping my co-workers won't really notice the predominantly monochrome quality of my wardrobe so much if I just invest in some colourful accessories and tights.

And can I just state that I was massively disappointed when, on logging on this morning, I found that return tickets to Sydney, Australia were still not available at 430 euros, as I had dreamed.
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