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Monday, Monday

Some days you just know you've chosen the wrong outfit. You know before you go out the door and yet you persist. Instead of going back and changing into something else, something much better suited to your personality, you ignore all the alarm bells going off in your head, and you persist. So, whatever happens next, you deserve. Because you were stupid enough not to listen to your inner self warning you that this was not a smart move to make.

Why did I wear off-white today? What could I have been thinking? Since when have I ever been a person who could wear off-white without spilling coffee all over it? I don't even like off-white!

I had quite a nice weekend, though. Nothing out of the ordinary, but the weather was nice and dry for a change so I didn't mind spending time outdoors. A friend of mine recently bought herself a new horse and we went down to the stables so I could admire it. Which I did. Then she took her horse and I took another and we went down to the beach for a ride through the surf. Thankfully, there was a stiff breeze coming in from the sea so there weren't too many daytrippers and tourists about. I don't ride all that often these days, but when I do...it's like I never want to stop. I've got this silly idea that one day I might go on a pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela...on horseback. Actually, I wanted to do that in 2000; but I couldn't get the time off work. Maybe when I'm old and grey...

Just spent a bit of time this morning laughing and joking about the season finale spoilers for BtVS, but as I promised I wouldn't discuss them here, I can't say much more on that topic can I? Talk about making things difficult for yourself!

And after all the despair all through last week at the thought of Cold Feet coming to an end, I nearly missed the last episode! Managed to catch the last half hour, though. And it was good...nice open ending to it all, with Adam leaving the house he and Rachel had shared the last few years, David and Karen's divorce coming through, and Pete and Jo breaking up...all's well that ends well, eh?

Must remember to ring my dentist. I forgot my last appointment, and he sounded a bit pissed off about it in his note. But what do you expect when you're asked to make appointments a year in advance? Hope he doesn't insist I pay for the appointment I missed...



May. 5th, 2003 08:15 am (UTC)
Hey Jules!

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Hey Jules!

<i> <Horseback riding on the beach...ah, sounds lovely! I haven't ridden in years, but always enjoyed it when I did.> </i>

You know it's like riding a bicycle, you'll never forget how once you've mastered the art. Maybe one day we can go riding together?

I've always enjoyed it too, even after I had my little accident while crossing Ireland on horseback 8 years ago. Long story short: I ended up tearing all the tendons in my groin and inner thigh and it took a year and a half of intense physiotherapy and rest before I could put any weight on my right leg again. Underneath the skin, my groin is just a mass of scar tissue.
May. 5th, 2003 12:53 pm (UTC)
Hmm. Never considered it much like riding a bike. Much more painful! I used to ride regularly too, until I met a particularly vindictive part-Arabian called Sultan (quite - should've run a mile) and a tree. Suffice to say, when the concussion wore off and I stopped throwing up, I hadn't the faintest idea where I was or how I got there. Turns out it was Abergavveny Hospital, which was going some as we were riding in the wilds of the Black Mountains, miles from the nearest road. To this day I don't remember getting to hospital. It didn't stop me riding, but made me very aware of just how bloody dangerous it is. Once the kids came on the scene, I gave up on anything energetic and did some dressage. Interesting as it was though, I missed the riding out. Maybe I'll get back to it again - but it's been so long I know it will hurt like hell. Those two little seat bones that rest on the saddle...ouch!

So, it seems we have another skill in common for our crack team. If the helicopter fails, we can whip him away on horseback!

Cass....dreaming of you-know-who on a horse.....there's something very sexy about a man on a horse (as long as it isn't a member of the british royal family, natch)
May. 5th, 2003 11:35 pm (UTC)
Re: Pain
My niece, who's 9, desperately wants to learn to ride a horse. I wouldn't mind teaching her or having her taught, but her Mum's dead set against it, claims it's too dangerous and cites my injury as an example (no good me telling her it was my own stupid fault, nothing to do with the horse, just a moment's inattention on my part). And she's right of course, riding can be dangerous...and so can driving a car be. Wonder if she'll stop her from taking driving lessons later on?

Speaking of driving and accidents: I had my first collision exactly 3 weeks after obtaining my driver's license. I've had a few more since then - my driving skills are roughly comparable to Buffy's, I think ;-)