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Civic duty

Phew! Made it to the polling station with minutes to spare, as once again I'd almost forgotten that it was time to vote. Not Parliament, this time, but Provincial States (and indirectly, Senate, as the PS elect the members for what we call the Eerste Kamer or 'First Chamber' which more or less equates to a Senate in other countries). Be interesting to see what the turn-out will have been and whether the opposition parties will have won the day; in which case the detested liberal minority coalition government (detested because it has to rely on Geert Wilder's party's support in Parliament to stay in power) will soon not be able to get its legislation (cuts, cuts, more cuts, changes to employment law and xenophobic measures) through.

Very nearly managed to get myself killed this afternoon, when -after a remark from my driving instructor that he needed to see me looking- in casting a look over my shoulder I accidentally turned the wheel in that direction, too. Note to self: practise moving head and shoulders independently from arms and hands.
Tags: politics, real life

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