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World events

So they've got Saddam Hussein. Everywhere I turned yesterday, I saw pictures of a diligent army doctor looking for the weapons of mass destruction in his hair and mouth. I don't think he found any, or Paul Bremer III would probably have announced 'We've got them!'
Don't know what his capture means exactly; it's probably not going to change much to the situation in Iraq at present.

This morning, I was saddened to hear of the death of Keiko, the killer whale who starred in the Free Willy-movies, of pneumonia, in a Norwegian fjord. He was only 27, when it's believed that killer whales can live to any age between 50 and 90. Poor Keiko. He'd only been freed 5 years ago himself, and doesn't appear to have enjoyed it much. He kept returning to humans for company. I hope he's gone to a better place.

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