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I spent the weekend with friends in IJmuiden, an industrial town a little further up the coast, near Haarlem. The weather gods were kind and I spent most of my time there out of doors, taking pictures of the old village, the park and the harbour. I've re-activated my Photobucket account and you can browse the album here, if you're interested in seeing pictures of quaint old houses, inquisitive goats, and ships passing in the daytime.

I'm currently feeling a bit out of sorts due to sleep deprivation, the result of constantly waking up at night because of itchy legs. Real itchy legs, that I have scratched to a bloody mess. I can't find any reason for them itching worse than normal: there's no rash, there's no bedbugs, and my cats don't have fleas. It can't be an allergic reaction to any soaps or detergents, as I don't use any (I've always had very sensitive skin and can't use shower gels and the like, because they will cause an allergic reaction). I've bought a cream to soothe nappy rash, and it does seem to help a little to keep me from going scratch-crazy during the day, but it's come to the point where I dread going to bed at night, knowing I'll be lucky if I can snatch two or three hours sleep. Honestly, itching's worse than pain, and what purpose does it serve? I can't find the answer on Internet.
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