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LJ's been a right pain lately, and I have been away from it for a whole week, for the first time in my life preferring to spend my time on Facebook instead. The last week (make that the last month, actually) has been pretty uneventful, and yet today I feel like I want to do more than just jot down the few words Facebook deems sufficient to call a status update.

The weather's been seasonably balmy and springlike the last two weeks, and I've enjoyed going out in it; though it turned yesterday and the rain hasn't let up for a minute today at all. Still, temperature-wise, it's not too bad -- and this is causing me a few headaches as I will be starting on my new job on Monday (officially, my starting date's tomorrow but my boss has decreed that out of practical considerations it would be better if I didn't come in till after the weekend) and I don't know what to wear. Coupled with the fact that I don't really know what to do either, this is making me rather nervous. I bloody well hope all will become clear to me within my first few days at work (and then I can start to worry for real).

There's a Dutch nursery rhyme that sings of a boy called Johnny, son of a count, who wears a plumed hat and a basket on his arm, and who answers the question as to where in The Hague his father lives by pointing his finger...and so, opposite the houses of Parliament, which started out as the Count of Holland's castle, a statue has been erected of this little man, who may or may not represent John I, the last scion of the indigenous House of Holland, whose father was murdered in 1296 when his son was still a minor. The boy then died, some medieval chroniclers claim of poisoning, but more likely of natural causes, three years later.

I've handed in the paperwork to end my benefit -- as the job I'm progressing to is parttime rather than fulltime, I was entitled to claim a supplement, but only on the condition that I continue my search for fulltime employment by sending out two applications a week and keeping in constant touch with the Job Centre, and I couldn't be bothered. Which means that for the next six months, money will be only slightly less tight than it is now, but at least I'll be in work and will have a chance to get on with it. I will start looking for further employment later on in the year, say three months from now.

I've also been a good girl and sent in my tax self-assessment before April 1st, and -provided my calculations prove correct- can expect a windfall by July/August. Then maybe I can put that towards a holiday after my contract finishes? I'd love to visit the USA again...or maybe I could finally turn that long-held dream of mine into a reality and book that trip to Iceland (and possibly, Greenland) I've been wanting to take since my early teens.
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