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Song meme

I can't remember who I nicked this from; it's been sitting on my hard drive for a while -- judging from the last question, I'm guessing since just before Christmas. Nevertheless, I thought I'd fill it out now, and save myself the bother of thinking up a real post!

01. What's the song that best describes you at this moment in time?

Right now, I feel buoyant, and energised, and optimistic. So, for a song that describes the way I feel, today I would pick Queen's Don't Stop Me Now.

02. What song would you dedicate to your favorite person?

My favourite person would be someone I can rely on, someone who's there for me and makes me feel better when life gets me down . Björk's Who Is It? seems like a good choice for that person, whoever they may be.

03. Do you have a song that you like to drive to?

Several. One that springs to mind, though, isSmack My Bitch Up by The Prodigy. I don't know why, but when I'm driving, I like to listen to this kind of energetic, upbeat music, as well as anything electronic, like Kraftwerk.

04. What is your "angry song?"

Rootless Tree, by Damien Rice. Self-explanatory, I think.

05. What is your nemesis's theme song?

As far as I'm aware, I have no nemesisses.

06. What is your most inspirational song?

I always thought of Beth Orton's Central Reservation as quite an inspirational song, primarily because of the frequently repeated line Today is whatever I want it to mean. As someone who is essentially optimistic in her outlook, I wholeheartedly subscribe to that.

07. What's the best album to have sex to?

I really have no idea. Anything by Barry White, The Walrus of Love, probably. I don't know, I never worry about music when the mood takes me.

08. What is the song that makes you the most emotional?

That would be Forbidden Colours by Sakamoto & Sylvian. My grandfather on my mother's side died in a Japanese POW camp; and when the film Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence came out in 1983, my mum insisted that we go see it. Of course, it's a wartime drama and not a documentary, but I don't doubt that it's based on certain real events and it did move me to think that my grandfather must have lived through similar circumstances, at least for a time.

09. What's your 'drinkin' song?

The first one that comes to mind, is My Sister Belinda , which was very popular on pub crawls in my (secondary) schooldays. The chorus goes:

Aye, aye, aye, aye/Si, si, señora/My sister Belinda, she pissed out the window/Right into my whisky and soda!

Also in my repertoire are Jason Webley's Drinking Song, and perhaps the most widely known: Alabama Song a.k.a. Moon of Alabama, which I prefer in David Bowie's version:

10. What is your favorite Christmas song?

It seems strange to be thinking about Christmas so soon before Easter, but in order to answer the question, I'll have to admit that since childhood, my favourite Dutch Christmas carol has been Nu sijt wellecome (Now be welcome), which goes like this:

Also since childhood, my favourite English one has been God Rest Ye, Merry Gentlemen, and I particularly like Annie Lennox's 2010 interpretation of it:

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