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Prompted by a communiqué from my cable company and deciding it was high time I went digital, I placed a call to said cable company's call centre and got through to a young man whose utterances, during the course of the conversation, became more and more inappropriate. For instance, he suggested that we get together and eat 'not one, but a whole roll of beschuit' (a Dutch breakfast food)...'samen een beschuitje eten' is a well-known euphemism for spending the night and sleeping together. I felt quite uneasy by the time we rang off.

Then a few hours later, he called to say that his shift had ended and he was on his way over, freaking me out like I've never been freaked out before. I put the phone down on him, but he kept ringing every couple of minutes so in the end I disconnected it. He didn't show up at my door, but I lived in mortal dread of him doing so all evening, and even today I haven't felt altogether safe.

I rang the support line again this afternoon and reported the incident to his supervisor, and they said they would deal with it, but frankly, I've no idea what that means and who's to say he won't call again and blame me? Or worse, come and find me?

I never would have thought that disclosing your details to a call centre employee in order for them to arrange whatever service you require could land you in such a pickle.



May. 15th, 2011 09:38 pm (UTC)
That is just so very very very wrong. More than likely he was just getting a sick and twisted power trip from making you feel uncomfortable, but still. Creeeeeeepy. Hopefully he was run over by a bus on the way home from work. Run over many, many times. >:(