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E=MC² (España = Mucho Calor²)

One thing I do too little of is go out of an evening. I've never been much of a pub crawler, and as I'm on my own, I don't often go out to dinner either; so when I do, it's a rare and special treat.

Last night, I met up with a friend in Utrecht, and had tapas on the canal (this one):

at a Spanish restaurant that also offered live flamenco music, and needless to say it was lovely. She ordered Manchego cheese, a green salad with Serrano ham, and calamares while I opted for spicy chorizo, artichoke hearts, and chargrilled big prawns. I'll let you in on my worst-kept secret: you want to get on my good side? Feed me prawns. The bigger, the better, though to be honest, any shrimp will do. If I had my way, I'd gorge on them morning, noon, and night. Washed down with several bottles of lovely wine, we sat by the water and watched the world go by in barges, and finished our meal with rich dark chocolate cake and Cuaranta Y Tres.

We stopped by a Belgian pub on the way to the station, and sampled some of their beers before moving on. By that time though, I'd missed the last regular train and so I stayed the night, sitting up and talking until the early hours while more wine was consumed. Then I remembered I had a driving lesson at 1pm.

I made it home with about quarter of an hour to spare; and I must say, I should get tired and tipsy more often, as it all went swimmingly for once.

ETA: What's with this annoying scrollbar that appears to the side of some of my recent entries? Is this some new LJ-feature? If so, I don't like it.
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