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A visit to a gallery

It's been a fairly wet Whitsun, but still, I managed to enjoy myself. We celebrated my niece's 18th birthday yesterday, and on Saturday, I joined a friend and some of her acquaintances on a trip to the Vught Biennale; a rather grandiose name for an art exhibition and fair that has so far been held just once before at a dealership located in this rather charming Brabant village.

Upon arrival, we took advantage of a lull in the rain to take a stroll through the gardens and observe the artworks displayed there, and while I was taking pictures of the pieces I liked but could not afford, my friend took a picture of me:

and of our company:

This was the first sculpture I really liked the look of. It reminds me of Crete, and the Minotaur. If I'd had a garden, I would probably have bought it (I think it was priced at 3800 euros)

Similarly, if I'd had a swimming pool, this glass sculpture would not have looked too shabby beside it, I don't think...

or either of these mosaiced sun loungers...

Whereas these funny little men would go anywhere

Then it started to drizzle again, and we went inside, where I was struck by the very first artwork I saw:

A fresco that reminds me an awful lot of a Roman one I think I saw in Pompeii. Unfortunately, it had already been sold

Never mind, there were plenty of other works I liked. Even though I was sorely tempted, the thought of where to put any of these pieces in my little run-down flat meant I managed to keep my cheque book in my purse. I just took photographs instead.

A work by a British artist, mesh and photographic projection on cheese cloth behind it

You wouldn't believe they were bronzes, would you? They look like they're made of fine porcelain! These sculptures are by Chinese artist Gong Dong

I liked this portrait of a woman with a fish, by an Italian artist

and I thought these pieces were exquisite; I could hardly tear myself away

This sculpture by a Polish artist took my breath away, and put me in mind very much of statues I've seen in the Egyptian museum

Hello again! This time it really is a Minotaur! The birdman next to it was tagged as a hawk, though it's clearly an eagle

The still-life is my favourite genre in painting. These by Dutch artist Hub Pollen made me green with envy of the people who had already bought them

Rabarama is an established name, and these little statuettes sell for around 20,000 euros each. Most of his works at this exhibition had been sold before we got there, some several times over, even.

When it's all over, I smile a huge smile of relief: yay! I didn't bankrupt myself! This calls for cake and coffee!

In other news, I think I've entered the menopause.
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