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A man fell past my window today.

There's been building work going on at our office building ever since I started. It's been dusty and noisy and I've cursed it under my breath several times (and I'm not the only one). Today, they put up some scaffolding outside the windows of my section, and then some builders came, in safety harnesses, and started doing whatever it was they needed the scaffolding for.

At one point I looked up and noticed one of the men wasn't wearing a safety harness. I didn't think anything of it, though; I just went back to work. Next thing I hear is this screech and an awful thud.

The three of us in our section sat bold upright, looking at each other uncertainly and going "Was that...?" "That sounded like..."

The ambulance was there in under 6 minutes. The man was still alive, but he'd fallen 3 storeys and landed on his head, or so the shocked security guard came and told us.

I hope he makes it.



Jun. 17th, 2011 09:33 am (UTC)
As OHS officer at my work I can attest to people's stupidity (even my own at times). Our biggest hazards are chemical and biological, but can I get certain people to wear safety glasses, or even a pair of GLOVES?!

I presume an incident like that will trigger a fullscale investigation by your govt dept for workplace safety, and the cause of the fall to be known, fines to be issued to the employer (if appropriate) and so on. And I hope that the poor guy (and all of you that witnessed it) recover swiftly.