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I had my very first (ever!) manicure today, and I've been sat here looking at my beautifully pampered hands and thinking "I could get used to this!" To think I've gone almost half a century without realising what a marvellous invention blue lotus/green tea-based hand cream is! Or that my nails could ever look so perfectly varnished! On the rare occasions that I've done this myself, the result has never been as good. I could switch careers and become a hand model!

There I was walking down the street, minding my own business as jonesiexxx so famously describes it, when a girl pressed a promotional voucher for a free manicure into my hands, and explained that they'd just set up shop two doors down. As I'd broken a nail 10 minutes earlier, and had been mentally bemoaning the lack of nail clippers on me, I didn't need much more persuading. I wonder how long they'll keep looking this nice?

Joany, the woman whose shoes I'm filling at Apple, came in for a chat and to show off her baby this morning. Little Lois will be 5 weeks old tomorrow, and she's the most gorgeous little thing I ever saw: big brown eyes, a dainty little mouth and nose, lots of black curls and a perfect café-au-lait complexion. Her mother had told me over the phone that her baby reminded her of me, with her dark hair and eyes, but honestly, Lois is far prettier!

It's strange to think how little experience I have of babies. My sister and I weren't speaking when she had hers, my two best friends never had any children, and obviously I never had a baby myself. Years ago, I was friends with a woman whose husband left her just before her son was born, and I sort of became Lars's de facto nanny after his mum went back to work and I worked on my final paper for Uni - but eventually she got back with her husband and they moved away to another part of the country, and we lost touch after a while. So I'm always a bit unsure when someone asks me if I want to hold their baby, because I don't really know what to do when they start to cry -- and Lois was already crying when they came in. Luckily, she stopped almost as soon as I took her, probably from the shock of being handed over to a perfect stranger. As I was walking around the office cooing to her, she seemed to study me so intently in that slightly unnerving way that babies have, and in the end, I do believe I saw the merest hint of a smile on her face. It could have been just wind, though.

After they left, I couldn't settle back to work and so I called it a day, breaking my nail shoving my laptop in my rucksack.
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